The Business

Cordatus was founded in February 2005 to provide an independent, discreet, ethically based and highly professional investment management and advisory service to discerning high net worth investors.

Cordatus is ideally suited to those investors that prefer an association with a smaller company, yet are not prepared to compromise when it comes to the skill set, professionalism, ethics and experience of their investment manager.

Cordatus is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA) and is approved as a Category I (Advice) and Category II (Discretionary Investment Management) Financial Services Provider (FSP).

In addition to the initial high net worth investor focus, the company also counts families, external financial institutions, companies, advisor networks, pension funds, trusts and professional service firms amongst its client base.

Cordatus distinguishes itself within the private client investment management and advisor industry by;

  • Maintaining independence and objectivity, as well as aligning the companies’ interests with those of investors.
  • Being of sufficient size to offer investors preferential pricing; yet being small enough to ensure flexibility, personal attention and possessing the ability to meet client expectations.
  • Having investment managers, advisors and staff that are professional, experienced, committed and embrace the idea of continuous professional development.