Offshore Solutions

To varying degrees, the majority of South African investors already have a portion of their financial assets exposed to offshore markets and alternative currencies. Such diversification is typically achieved through a pension or provident fund, retirement annuity or direct ownership of listed companies such as Sasol, British American Tobacco, Richemont, etc. In addition, most local collective investment schemes (unit trusts) tend to have an element of offshore exposure as part of their asset composition.

Cordatus offers investors the following solutions when it comes to offshore investments;

  • Advice on existing offshore investments and products.
  • Managing your existing offshore assets within a discretionary mandate.
  • The administration associated with getting money offshore via your personal allowance.
  • Establishing, advising upon or managing a new offshore stock-broker account
  • Investing into offshore unit trusts and structures.

Cordatus offers these solutions to individuals (i.e. personal foreign allowances, inheritance, etc) as well as those investors that have their assets administered through an asset swap (e.g. via a Trust) or housed within a life assurance product (e.g. a life wrapper).

Share Portfolios

A fairly new addition to the Cordatus Offshore Solutions due to client demand are offshore share portfolios. We now offer segregated share portfolios for private investors with more than GBP 250,000 to invest. Qualifying investors are able to construct an offshore share portfolio comprising the biggest and the best the world has to offer, with the following features;

  • Cordatus utilises a world-class, London-based broker to execute trades.
  • A competitive flat brokerage fee is levied on all trades.
  • Online viewing of your portfolio, anywhere, anytime.
  • Competitive annual administration fees.
  • Assets are held in your own name.
  • Cash transfers are only between client and custodian.