Stardate 25.

We managed to get through our March quarter end reporting cycle and company financial year-end relatively unscathed. This has only been possible thanks to our very supportive clients (our Tribe) and staff (your Team) that never fail to produce the required outputs. We continue having our daily staff video-conferencing where investment, operational, compliance and financial matters are dealt with and responsibility assigned.

Last week saw us dealing with coding issues via London and website issues via New Zealand! Delayed gratification has become a way of life for us and we are a much more tolerant of not getting instant email replies and having to schedule work-flow. We have noticed that larger domestic financial companies have been pushing the limits of service level agreements and the migration of Investec to Ninety One has required some dexterity over month-end.

Preparing March reports for clients was an “emotional” experience as we were reporting to clients who had their returns calculated in the aftermath of one of the worst periods we have faced in the past decade. Fortunately, April has seen a strong rebound in all asset classes and the need for more frequent, interim updates has become apparent during this time. We are not sure whether this is a false dawn and expect market conditions to reflect the universal state of uncertainty that prevails for some time to come.

Barry & Scratch, the official Cordatus mascots, decided to ditch their collars as outdoor activities were curtailed. The net result is that they have both put on weight and “swagger” after the Hadeda’s, when so inclined.

Our combined teens are getting back to the business of education, some more structured than others. Most of our girls have been involved in hair colour changes, the boys just enjoying having longer hair, with no prospect of censure from teachers when doing online lessons! Schools and Universities are getting the schedules and online requirements out in terms of getting through the required curriculum and neither institution looks to be going back to normal until the 4th quarter of 2020 (if then!).

Easter lunch was a rather muted affair for all of us this year compared to the usual bun-fight that comes with having large and diverse families. Shannon has started producing prototypes of her “virus range” of jewellery using the universal symbols for Hope, Strength, etc. When I asked the source of the symbols being used, “Tattoo Parlours” was not what I expected. Weekends have sort of lost their special status in my mind as we move through the lock-down diary. Getting weekends back is high on my list of “wants & needs”

That’s our quick update for now. Let us know how you are doing and keep safe!