We are all safe and healthy at Cordatus! This is just a short note to keep you up to date on how we are managing the business during the trying times that a lock-down brings, here are a few thoughts.

The investment in technology and processes (both admin & investment) over the past 18 months is proving its worth at a time like this. Our remote access, functionality and efficiency remain uninterrupted. We are finding some minor problems when dealing with the larger service providers in terms of speed of response to queries.

Using “Microsoft Teams” for our daily 11 am video-conference between staff members is working well and the time slot enables staff to put some clothes on before “going live”. We are using this technology across most of our service providers to replace actual meetings that had previously been set.

A couple of little things were missed when preparing for remote working, namely, getting extra paper and ink cartridges for all of the home requirements, some of our coding (Python) resides on a computer in the office and not in the cloud, email at home does not have all the addresses that reside on your office computer and I really miss my office chair towards the end of the day! None of these issues are insurmountable, and with the office a 3-5 minute drive away, either Rolfe or I are able to solve all of these issues promptly as required.

On the staffing front, it has been a bitter-sweet time for Rolfe and I over the past 3 months. Jono and his new fiance (Alex) had to make a rush decision about emigrating to the UK before Brexit rules took hold. Getting him onto the last plane out was an exercise in logistics and a sad moment for all concerned. Margaret Chawerara, a single mother of son (16) and daughter (8) joined Cordatus in an admin role at the beginning of March, bringing grace and light. The enforced lock down soon thereafter has been a blessing in disguise as we packed her off with all the materials necessary to pass her regulatory exams and become product proficient. This in addition to her current B.Compt studies! In a move only the heavens could engineer, Kim Welsh has returned to Cordatus in a consulting role for the next 3 months while we find a replacement for Jono. This will ease the admin, servicing and operations load.

To those who are in the know, Barry & Scratch are in good health and miss answering the door at our new offices / clients at our old! All of our families are in good physical health & lock-down has not been too painful (yet!) for the teens we share as a group. Should the lock-down progress too far beyond Easter and booze shops remain closed, I may have to suggest that I work on the “dop system” with clients having excess supplies.

That’s it for now. Let us know how you are doing!